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Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 12

In the morning at a school found activities learns to teach. calm appear atmosphere at compassion second class ipa three, they follow prayer concentratedly,and than the teacher comes and begin lesson.

Teacher                     : Assalammualaikum wr.wb
Student                     : Waalaikum salam
Teacher                     : Good morning student.
Student                     : Good morning mom.
Teacher (masnur)  : How are you today?
Student (masnur)   :Iam fine thank you and you mom?
Teacher (masnur) : Iam very well.            
Okay, open the book please!
Today,I will to explain about asaz black theory.
Do you know about asaz black theory?
Student (masnur)   : No mom,I don’t know about that.
Teacher                     :Okay.Before i shall explain to bring in hand basis theory      black, you can read first of all at your book is yard one hundred twenty four.
Student (masnur)   :okay..
Teacher                     : basis matter black this matter to try out week in front of and you        must to study hard.
Student (masnur)   :woow.it’s very easy.
Teacher                     : Hey you!! What are  you doing?
Student(masnur)            : mom. Nothing, I don’t do anything
Teacher                            : pass to me your handphone that from your hand!!!
Student (masnur)           : No mom,no..
Teacher                            : Give me your handphone!!!
Student (masnur)           : no mom don’t take my handphone.
Teacher                            :pass to me,don’t make me angrier!!
Student (masnur)          : Okay,,
Teacher                           : I take this your handphone!!
Student (masnur)         :No mom,please!!!
                                       I’am sorry ,I shall not try again mom..
Teacher                        : Okay..
                                       I shall seize your handphone but,you must to promise wil not repeating it again.
Student (masnur)     : Okay mom,I’am promise,thank you so much…
Teacher                      : Okay student’s
                         lesson at will continue tommorow sat rest. don't forget to                        lear diligent so that value try out you can good
   Student (masnur)     : Okay mom..

Kelompok:  -Masnur Eka Fitria Putri (19) 12-a3

       -Galih Argo Puri              (5) 12-a3
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Jumat, 13 Desember 2013

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris

Adam : Hai Icha
Icha     : Hai
Adam : I want to share something with you, may I ?
Icha     : Sure
Adam  : Err,, excatyl I have a problem with my Girlfriend
Icha     : Whats that ?
Adam : I guess she have another boyfriend
Icha     : What ?? How can that be ??
Adam  : I don’t know, I cant think it well, my mind isn’t clear yet
Icha      Oh man, poor you. How can she betrayed you, she might be fool of you
Adam : Haha, thanks. By the way, whats you think about my problem? I need your solve please
Icha     : Hemm,,, do you still love her ?
Adam : Yes, I am
Icha     : You should talk to her, everythink. Have you talk to her ?
Adam : Nope, im too afraid, I afraid if I ask her about this, she’s going made and dumped me
Icha     : Oh Man, you don’t have to afraid
Adam  : I know it, feels like im a weak man. But, I do love her
Icha     : Oh come on Adam, she didn’t need you, you should get attention with her
Adam  : Should I ?
Icha     : Yes, you should
Adam : But I
Icha     : Listen to me Adam, I have a same problem with you too exactly
Adam  : Really ?
Icha     : Yes, my boyfriend he dumped me just like that, like im nothing. I love him, truly love him but I don’t want he hurts me anymore, I hate when iam hurting. So I broke up with him, I have to do it, I know someday I’ll meet someone more better than him. You should try my way
Adam : So, is that you mean I have to break up with her ?
Icha     : Emm, not yet. You have talk to her first, than if you feel your relationship can’t stay for a longer time, break her up. That’s the best
Adam : oh, hemm yeah. You right, I love her, but I don’t want to being fool of her anymore
Icha     : That’s right buddy, we must getting strong
Adam  : Yes, thanks, I’ll try
Icha     : Goodluck Adam

Adam  : Ok, see ya 
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Rabu, 27 November 2013

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 8

A motorist getting the ticket

At the crowded city , a someone have traffic arrangement at turn of  Tunjungan Plaza.

Police                  : Stop …!
Amel                   : Yes , mam…
What happen ? why you stop my car ?
Police                  : You Know sign at turn of Tunjungan Plaza ? this sign forbidden not turn , but why you still turn of at here ?
Amel                   : Sorry mam , I’m sorry , I don’t know with this sign. I don’t  see .

Amel following police at police office to discuss her problem.

Amel                   : Oh.. my good.. I forget bring my driver license mam .. I really mam , I’m not untrue mam .. Please belive me ..
Police                  : You many motive for to contradict your mistake . I’m not believe you and now I will give you pruff of traffic.
Amel                   : Please mam , I really don’t see this sign and I’m new inhabitant in here .
Police                  : I don’t care with your reason.
Amel                   : I have many mam , I choose peace with you mam .
Police                  : you know I’m police, and I don’t need you money. Okey, now I will give you proof of traffic and you can solve your mistake at court of justice .
Amel                   : Okey mam , I’m sorry  

Ayu dewi  =  Police

Amalia QA  =  Driver
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Rabu, 20 November 2013

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 9

Boy and Girl : The girl is angry because she know that another picture in his wallet .
Satrio comes to ifa’s house for watching movie together ..
Ifa              : honey , what’s movie we watch today ?
Satrio          : up to you honey .
Ifa              : okay , we watch harry potter today .
Satrio                   : honey , I want to drink .
Ifa              : oh my god .. sorry I forget honey . what drink you want ?
Satrio          : I want to drink coffee honey .
Ifa              : ups , the coffee is empty . sorry ..
Satrio          : it’s okay . I want a glass of orange juice .
Ifa              : I don’t have orange juice honey .
Satrio          : no problem , maybe aqua is better than last .
Ifa              : okay , wait a minute .

A minute later …
Ifa              : this is honey , a glass of aqua for you .
Satrio          : thank you honey .
Suddenly , satrio want to take a pie ..
Satrio          : honey , I want to go to toilet .
When satrio go to toilet, ifa see a picture of another girl in his wallet . ifa is very angry and jealous .
When satrio back ..
Ifa              : honey , who is the girl’s picture in your wallet ?!
Satrio                   : she is just friend honey . calm down .
Ifa              : I don’t believe you ! you lie to me !
Satrio          : please believe me .. she is just friend . just that .

Ifa              : whatever you say ! whatever you do ! I don’t care !
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Dialog Bahasa Inggris 6

This dialogue tell about the teacher were caught their student did smoke.
            in the morning kamila had a call from BK room. She felt confused. She thing that she never make a problem. But she kept positive thingking. There is not about smoke.
Kamila (s)        : excuse me mam. Why you call me on your room?
Mentari (t)      : yes. You can sit down right there.
Kamila (s)        : I think, I didn’t make a mistakes mam.
Mentari (t)      : fine, if you don’t have a reason why I were call you ?
Kamila (s)        : I’m not understand what you mean.
Mentari (t)      : maybe you don’t make a mistakes. But I heard a report from another student that you are Smoke in this school.
Kamila (s)        : that’s impossible mam. I don’t do that.
Mentari(t)       : are you seriously.
Kamila (s)        : of course! Are you have a prove?
Mentari (t)      : yes, I had! That picture seen when you smoke in the behind school.
Kamila (s)        : I don’t believe that! Can you showing that picture to me. Please?
Mentari (t)      : of course!!!!
Kamila (s)        : oops… how ????
Mentari (t)      : don’t lying to me kamila. You had see the picture. You can’t ignored that fact!!
Kamila (s)        : I’m so sorry mam … I have ignored that fact.
Mentari (t)      : but why???
Kamila (s)        : because I’m afraid mam. You were change your opinion about me…
Mentari (t)      : why you doing that mistakes?
Kamila (s)        : because I have a big trouble in my family. My family was broken.
Mentari (t)      : oke. I’m understand you felt dispointed with your family. But I think you know    that’s Wrong!!! You know the rule in this school!!
Kamila (s)        : yes I know. Please don’t drop out me from this school.
Mentari (t)      : I’m proud you understand. But I must give you a punishment
Kamila (s)        : please apologize me. I will receive all my punishment
Mentari (t)      : oke! I gived you skors for two month.
Kamila (s)        : what??? Two month? Please considered your punishment mam.
Mentari (t)      : I can’t.
Kamila (s)        : please!! (with cry)
Mentari (t)      : forgive me!! I can’t doing anything for you. The headmaster was decided. And      this is aLetter for your parent
Kamila  (s)       : all right mam. I’m okey.
Mentari (t)      : I hope you enjoyed your punishment.
Kamila (s)        : thanks mam. For your support!!!
Mentari (t)      : don’t make a same mistakes again.!!
Kamila (s)        : yes, I promise

Mentari (t)      : ok. You cant go back now. 
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Selasa, 19 November 2013

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 13

The teacher caught a student smooking and give punishment two months off at class

In the middle of a bright day, she is walking on the street near a headmaster room. She is goes to at toilet…
The teacher : Luluk, where do you go? Soon as go your class!!
Luluk : Wait mam, I want go to at toilet…..
The teacher : Ok, don’t very long !!
At very long, Luluk not come back at the class. So the teacher search her at toilet. And the teacher caught Luluk smooking at toilet…….
The teacher : Luluk, what are you doing in here? You very long at toilet. The lesson has begin, but you nothing at the class. Lets you enter at class !!!!
Luluk : I’m sorry mam if I very long at toilet because I stomache mam,,,
The teacher : Ok, I forgive You. Don’t  try again !!
Wait Luluk !!!!
Luluk : yes mam, what’s wrong???
The teacher : What you bring at your hand?
Luluk : I’m not bring a something mam,,,
The teacher: I’m not believe you. May I look your hand?
Luluk : Swear mam, I not bring a something. Why you not believe with me?
The teacher : Because your face like as the people afraid will a something. So, I want look your hand.

The teacher look her hand and found a cigarette at her hand. The teacher is really frighten with a something at her hand.
The teacher : What is it Luluk? Please answer my question!!! Don’t quiet !!!
Luluk : Hhhhhhmmmmmm……
The teacher : It is a cigarette Luluk. You know if  all students forbidden bring cigarette or many something that dangerous. I disappointed with you Luluk….
Luluk : Please mom, forgive me !!! I’m sorry mam….
Don’t report me to headmaster mam !! I promise with you if I willn’t try again my mistake mam.
The teacher : I’m sorry Luluk, I cann’t do anything with you. I cann’t give you tolerance.
Follow me at headmaster room !!!!
The teacher to report her mistake to headmaster.
The teacher : Excuse me sir….
Sorry sir, I disturb your activity…
Headmaster : No problem Mrs. Florence..
 What happen Mrs. Florence?
The teacher : I want to report her mistake, sir…
She have bring a cigarette at school. And I caught her smooking at toilet. So, I cann’t give her tolerance. I hope Mr. Lexus can give her attention or punishment that to match with her mistake.

Luluk : Please forgive me, sir. I disappointed with my mistake.
Headmaster : Because I and Mrs. Florence cann’t give you tolerance. So, I give you punishment two months off at the class. And I will give you attention letter for your parents  to meet me and Mrs. Florence.
The teacher and headmaster : We hope you don’t try again your mistake.
Luluk : Okay sir, mam. I’m sorry,  I will try become a good student and not used cigarette.
The End
Elvizha M.A (01) as the teacher
Luluk Fauziah (21) as student

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Kamis, 14 November 2013

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 2

                                                            Big Girls Don’t Cry
Dien          :   Hey vira, I am so sad vira.
Vira          :  Why do you looks so sad ? please tell me about your problem ?
Dien         :   yeah vira my boy friends hurt my heart. Actually, he have a special reliationship with my best friend. I am so sad vira. Its killing me so.
Vira          :    Don’t be sad dien. I also have a same experience  with you
 Dien        :    Oh really ? if you want to tell me about your problem. I will hear you and maybe can solve our problem.
Vira          :    oke I will tell you about my problem.
                     Three days ago I am broken heart. My boy friend also have a special  reliationship with my best friend. Actually I love him very much  and i want to live with him. Everything I do for him. But when he say we should  better than separated. I don’t believe.It’s so sick for  me.  
  Dien       :    You must forget him. Try to do it.
Vira          :    I dont know dien, i love him but he dont love me anymore. He looks so good and nice boy in front of me. But, he makes me cry and cry again. I’m very shock and don’t know what to do.
Dien         :   I also cry when he leave me alone. But, i think  he is not my level. And love not just for me and him, Many boys better than him. I am big girls dont cry.  You should think like me vira.
Vira          ;    Yeah dien i know,but i think its so hard for me.
Dien         :    Start from yourself vira. You must  think about everything you like. For example is thinks about yoor hobbies, hang out with your friends and etc.
Vira          :    Oke dien.,I will try but I still wishing that  he would come back to me.
Dien         :    Vira, open your eyes, your heart and your mind ! In my opinion I will find new boy friends because remember him its not important for me. Its waste my time .  He have been hurt of my heart. Actually he don’t love me. I want to forget my ex boyfriends and have a new life. New life and new hope.
Vira          :    Oke dien . I don’t know maybe because i have been third years with him. In  my head record about our sweet memory. How do I live without him? How do I ever ? How do I ever survive? This love is deepest  in my heart. I don’t know about this feeling .its so complicated.
Dien         :    Vira, life just for fun and not just for love. Love will find you if you try. I think if he come back to you, this situation is very different. Because I don’t want to make the same of mistake. For me its better than separated. I am grateful  because  god publish to me about my ex boyfriend and  he is not the best for me. In this time all I know.
Vira          :    Yeah, I know. God give me needed but sometimes and not give our wished.
Dien         :    yes, good !! do something for yourself.
Vira          :    I must be strong. I think if I will wait for him . Its so stupied. I want to change my live. I don't care babe who's right or wrong .I just don't love him no more. Maybe with eat chocolate and ice cream .
Dien         :    Hmmf..,  I love chocolate. What about go to the dapur chocolate. Its near from here. You can find all about chocolate.
Vira          :    Yeah dien thaks for your solution. But I want to banana split in Zangrandi. Its so yummy. Combination bananas, ice cream, nuts and almont make you feel happy.
Dien         :    Ok vira,. Lets go!

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Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4

A teacher and A student

In a ta’miriyah high school , to be exact in class 12 ipa 3 , there are a student. Her name is Kurnia . She is truant, naughty and like to lies. One day , when she  was absent a long one week without explisit statement, Mr.Yuski called her . Mr.Yuski is counseling teacher.

Mr.Yuski : Does Kurnia absent ?
Kurnia     : Yes,sir. I’m Kurnia.
Mr.Yuski : Follow me go to counseling room.
Kurnia     : Yes,sir. I’m going there.
                In counseling room.
Kurnia     : Why you call me here,sir ?
Mr.Yuski : I want to ask someting to you
Kurnia     : What is it, sir ?
Mr.Yuski : Where did you go a long one week ? Why you didn’t go to       school ?
Kurnia     : oh .... I had family agenda yesterday, sir.
Mr.Yuski : But, why you didn’t give me knouw to ask permission to absent.
Kurnia     : I’m sorry sir. I was forgot. I hadn’t any time to give you know.
Mr.Yuski : Are you not lie ? Are you sure it ?
Kurnia     : Yes, sir. I’m not lie.
Mr.Yuski : Is that true what you say ? Yesterday, i was called to your parents,they said, if you were went to school.
Kurnia     : I’m sorry sir. I’m lie. I’m sorry.
Mr.Yuski : That’s infraction. And i must give you a punishment to give you a lesson. So that, you will not repeat your deed anymore.
Kurnia     : Yes sir, i will receive the punishment to make me change.
Mr.Yuski : Hmm... Please clean the classroom a long one week.
Kurnia     : Yes sir. But don’t you give know my parents if you give me punishment.
Mr.Yuski : But you must do this punishment very well. If you don’t do it very well, i will give know your parents.
Kurnia     : Yes sir. Thank you so much. I will back to my classroom to follow the lesson, so that i’m not less the lesson too far.
Mr.Yuski : Ok,go now. Remember! Don’t you repeat your deed anymore!
Kurnia     : Yes sir, i’m sorry. And thank you, sir.

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Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 3

Tema   : A teacher and A student (the student is being called by his teacher because of her/his bad marks.)

            In the one of school, to be exact in SMA Ta’miriyah, in class XII Ipa 2, there are a student. Her name is venny. She is very naughty, lazy, and like quarrel. Venny has a leader class. Her name is Mrs. Sasha.

            One day, Mrs. Sasha calling venny to talk venny’s problem about her mark which always slip down and bad.

Mrs. Sasha       : Venny, come here !
Venny             : Yes ma’am. What’s wrong ?
Mrs. Sasha       : I want to talk to you about your mark which every day, always slip down
Venny             : Is that true, ma’am ? i always studies every day very serious ma’am. . 
Mrs. Sasha       : Study ? how many times ?
Venny             : 4 hours
Mrs. Sasha       : 4 hours ? Yes,  3 hours to play and 1 hours to sleep. So you have not time to study.
Venny             : I am really study ma’am
Mrs. Sasha       : You’re very naughty and you like lying. .
Venny             : Yes ma’am, i am sorry, i was lied.
Mrs. Sasha       : Yes, for now i will forgivr you. But i will give you a lesson.
Venny             : What kind of punishment you’ll give me ma’am ?
Mrs. Sasha       : I will give you a punishment, you must make biologi report, chapter 3 until 5 along 3 days. And you must clean the white board in 2 weeks.

Venny             : Is that not too hard to give to me ?
Mrs. Sasha       : No, because that is suitable with the school rule.
Venny             : Okay, i will try to do it very well.
Mrs. Sasha       : I give you a suggestion, you should study hard from now. Before, you late, and don’t forget praying.
Venny             : Yes ma’am, i will remember your message. And i am sorry bocause i was lied to you
Mrs. Sasha       : Yes, it’s alright. Come on ! Back to your classroom and following the lesson very well.
Venny             : Yes ma’am. thank you very much. . i’ll leaving. Assalammuallaikum.

Mrs. Sasha       : Walaikumsalam. 
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Rabu, 13 November 2013

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 7


Scold Disciplies Because One Week skipped school

Nita is a very naughty student, one day he skipped school for a week. Miss Endang, always punish students if there are students who have many reasons to play hooky and argue until the student was cornered and still on the wrong position.

Miss Endang   : "Nita, you are naughty! why one of this week you skip school? "

Nita                 : "No miss… I do not truant, this week my sister was sick so I have to keep my sister because my parents work miss ..."

Miss Endang   : "Eh! You don’t lie to me ... .. see one this week I saw your sister in good health .. "

Nita                 : "No miss, I don’t lie ..
My sister was really sick ..

Miss Endang   : “Anyway if you're sister sick, why did your parents don’t send a letter of permission don’t attend school?”

Nita                 : “Ehm.. like this miss...”

Miss Endang   :  “So how? that you really hooky one week huh?”

Nita                 : “No miss… No….”

Miss Endang   : “Hold what?
already, do a lot of reasons you ..
now, I punish you  clean the classroom and write so as not to play truant again as much as hundredfold. that sentence because you skipped school for a week ..”

Nita                 : “Do not miss .. don’t punish me… ..
I promise not to skip school again ..”

Miss Endang   : “Hah .. now you confess if you skip school for a week ..”

Nita                 : “Ya miss, I confess that I truant one week..
                        Please miss. Don’t punish me..”

Miss                 : “Ahhh, quickly do your punishment ...
if you do not want to be given the punishment, do not skip school anymore..!! sorry for your parents, who already pay for your school ..”

Nita                 : “Ok miss, would I do the punishment of the mother ..
I will not repeat them miss, so my parents are not disappointed with me ..”

Miss                 : “Well, do not do anything truant again ....”

Nita                 : “Ok miss…..”

bahasa inggris

Selasa, 12 November 2013

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 10

One day a girl finds her boyfriend’s wallet when dropped, and she saw a photo in her boyfriend’s wallet.
Afdu        : Hanny, why your face is bad mood today?
Isna         : What your opinion about it?
Afdu        : Are you angry with me?
Isna         : Yes, i am very angry with you !
Afdu        : Why???
                  Am i make a mistake to you?
Isna         : Yes, you are ake a mistake to me,
  and i very disappointed with you !
Afdu        : Why?? What a mistake?
Isna         : Who the girl’s photo in your wallet?!
Afdu        : Ooh... she is my sister hanny. Now she study in
  Yogya. Don’t jealous with her..
Isna         : Are you sure??
                  She isn’t your girlfriend?
Afdu        : She isn’t my girlfriend hanny.
  My girlfriend is only you.
Isna         : Realy??
Afdu        : Yes, my girlfriend is only you.
Isna         : I am sory hanny..

Afdu        : Ok, no problem...
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Rabu, 06 November 2013

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 5

(They try to solve the problem. Because of their parents disvorccess)

In the city. There a family, there mother, father and two people children confused problem economy. Father don’t have a job and mother is very wasteful. And two people children are needed school fees and Luition University. Because the problem limited. Their parents argue every day and until they think about disvorccess and two sister confused about your family problem. With a conversation they try to solve family problems.
The afternoon, Eva shut down in the living room which is being confused with the situation a full house with his parents argue said “ How this is ? “,” I’m very confused and curious. What happen ?”
And some minutes again, Anis come to from lecture university, greet.
Anis     :  Hey ... why is you ?
 what you have the  problem?.
Eva      : Hey sister ... (answer with a sad face, anxious and confused)
Anis     : Why ?.
Eva      : Do you know ?.
             Our parents last week argue and than a disvorccess.
Anis     : Yes, I do.
Eva      : My sister,  do you know about the problem ?.
Anis     : Never mind about the problem ! (try to change the subject).
Eva      : I can’t live in my house with this situation.
Anis     : Isn’t your bussiness, you must be study hard.
Eva      : But why, i want to know about the problem.
Anis     : ouwh... it’s ok!
               I want to tell you about this problem.
Eva      : Ok!
Anis     : Our parents argue until about economy factor do you know if mother very extravagant. And than father doesn’t have a job until now. We are a poor family just to eat chicken we can’t. There for pay our school. We don’t have money.
Eva      : oh May God ! it’s critical point ?
Anis     : May be...
Eva      : What should we do .. ???
              I want to help my mother. What about the work? I don’t want my parents disvorccess.
Anis     : Now, you must be study hard and don’t be work to find the money.
Eva      : I don’t know. What should we do ?
Anis     : I also don’t want to my parent disvorccess if we must to be work. I will be work for my parents. We just want to pray to God and hope the best for us.
Eva      : Ok.. !!!! thank you.. good bless for our family.

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Selasa, 05 November 2013

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 14

Thema: Teacher and Student
(The teacher caught him/her smoking in the class and gets punishment two month off the class).

Anisa is a heavy smoker. When lessons guidance counseling, she was smoking. When Mrs. Rosa go to class, did Mrs. Rosa know that the smell of cigarette smoke. He finally caught and punished.

Theacher   : Good afternoon student?
All student : Good afternoon Miss.
Teacher     : Why in this room smell cigaratte smoke?
Anisa       : I don’t Miss!
Teacher     : Hhhmmmm….. I think in this room are people smoke!
Anisa       : I don’t think so with you Miss Rosa.
Teacher     : Why just you answer my question? Why them silent!
Anisa       : I didn’t do anything Miss!
Teacher     : I will suspicion to you. I will investigation your bag Nisa!
Anisa       : No Miss. For what? You don’t believe with me?
Teacher     : No Anisa! Now, open your bag!
Anisa       : No Miss…….
Teacher     : Look! What is it?
Anisa              : Hhhmmmmm……..
Teacher     : Why you silent? Now, answer my question Anisa!
Anisa       : This not mine Miss Rosa…
Teacher     : Cigarette in your bag! So, it mine you.
Anisa       : What the punish for me?
Teacher     : For two month you should no follow my lesson in this class. You understand with my mine!

Anisa       : I understand Miss. But I’m so sorry about my mistake. I promise to you, I can’t repeat again. 
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