Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world that has 17,508 islands. Indonesia lies between 6 degrees north latitude to 11 degrees south latitude, and from 97 degrees to 141 degrees east longitude and is located between two continents, Asia and Australia / Oceania. This strategic position has a huge influence on cultural, social, political, and economic.
Indonesia's territory extends along 3.977 mile between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. When the waters between the islands combined, the area of ​​Indonesia menjadi1.9 million square miles.Five major islands in Indonesia are: Sumatera with an area of ​​473,606 square km, Java with an area of ​​132,107 square km, Borneo (the third largest island in the world) with an area of ​​539,460 square km, Sulawesi, with an area of ​​189,216 square km, and Papua with an area of ​​421.981 square km.




Besides Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. So long ago Indonesia known for courtesy and hospitality. And uphold the moral values ​​of the community. In stark contrast to the current conditions of Indonesian society that has begun to lose morale, making Indonesia the country does not have an identity and self-esteem. Moral can also be interpreted as a moral attitudes, behaviors, actions, behavior when a person tries to do something based on experience, interpretation, conscience, and advice, etc. For that we are from a group of three will discuss the issue of moral crisis, that we all, especially the young generation to know the issue.




Corruption (Latin: corruptio of a meaningful verb corrumpere rotten, corrupt, destabilizing, twisting, bribing). Literally, corruption is the behavior of public officials, both politicians | Politicians and civil servants, which is not fair and not legal to enrich themselves or those close to enrich, to the misuse of public power entrusted to them.

From the point of view of law, corruption broadly include the following elements:

unlawful act;
abuse of power, opportunity, or means;
enrich themselves, others, or corporation;
adverse state or state economy;

In addition there is some kind of corruption to another, including:

give or accept gifts or promises (bribes);
embezzlement in office;
extortion in office;
participate in the procurement (for civil servants / public officials);
receiving gratuities (for civil servants / public officials).


Social Society

Lost part from indonesia

-          The loss of cooperation nations of Indonesia

In the past, youth are very active in his/her area. It could even be said, youth is a driving force in the his/her area.

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