Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 11

The parent angry beause his child always come home in the night.The child in trid classs and will UNAS and never study hard at home.The parent confuse see the boy.
Ardhin :  Assalamualaikum
Adib     : Walaikumsalam, Where do you from in the night?
Ardhin : I from night club
Adib     : What ? Artagfirullah
Ardhin  : Why?
Adib      : NoW,you in trid class
Ardhin  : No problem
Adib      : Are you finish your home work?
Ardhin : Yeah…little, I can  cheat at the school
Adib     : Ha…you don’t work alone?
Ardhin : No,this is not important for me
Adib     : Are you do not afraid ,If not pass?
Ardhin : It’s easy ,don’t worry, I will be success
Adib      : No..No…No..I not belive you?
Ardhin : whatever you say I don’t care
Adib     :  My son,you must study hard and always pray for pass
Ardhin : I want to enjoy my life now
Adib      :  ……Get Out..!!!
Ardhin : I am Sorry
Adib     : Go to your bathroom.!

Ardhin : Oke..!!

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