Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 10

One day a girl finds her boyfriend’s wallet when dropped, and she saw a photo in her boyfriend’s wallet.
Afdu        : Hanny, why your face is bad mood today?
Isna         : What your opinion about it?
Afdu        : Are you angry with me?
Isna         : Yes, i am very angry with you !
Afdu        : Why???
                  Am i make a mistake to you?
Isna         : Yes, you are ake a mistake to me,
  and i very disappointed with you !
Afdu        : Why?? What a mistake?
Isna         : Who the girl’s photo in your wallet?!
Afdu        : Ooh... she is my sister hanny. Now she study in
  Yogya. Don’t jealous with her..
Isna         : Are you sure??
                  She isn’t your girlfriend?
Afdu        : She isn’t my girlfriend hanny.
  My girlfriend is only you.
Isna         : Realy??
Afdu        : Yes, my girlfriend is only you.
Isna         : I am sory hanny..

Afdu        : Ok, no problem...

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