Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 13

The teacher caught a student smooking and give punishment two months off at class

In the middle of a bright day, she is walking on the street near a headmaster room. She is goes to at toilet…
The teacher : Luluk, where do you go? Soon as go your class!!
Luluk : Wait mam, I want go to at toilet…..
The teacher : Ok, don’t very long !!
At very long, Luluk not come back at the class. So the teacher search her at toilet. And the teacher caught Luluk smooking at toilet…….
The teacher : Luluk, what are you doing in here? You very long at toilet. The lesson has begin, but you nothing at the class. Lets you enter at class !!!!
Luluk : I’m sorry mam if I very long at toilet because I stomache mam,,,
The teacher : Ok, I forgive You. Don’t  try again !!
Wait Luluk !!!!
Luluk : yes mam, what’s wrong???
The teacher : What you bring at your hand?
Luluk : I’m not bring a something mam,,,
The teacher: I’m not believe you. May I look your hand?
Luluk : Swear mam, I not bring a something. Why you not believe with me?
The teacher : Because your face like as the people afraid will a something. So, I want look your hand.

The teacher look her hand and found a cigarette at her hand. The teacher is really frighten with a something at her hand.
The teacher : What is it Luluk? Please answer my question!!! Don’t quiet !!!
Luluk : Hhhhhhmmmmmm……
The teacher : It is a cigarette Luluk. You know if  all students forbidden bring cigarette or many something that dangerous. I disappointed with you Luluk….
Luluk : Please mom, forgive me !!! I’m sorry mam….
Don’t report me to headmaster mam !! I promise with you if I willn’t try again my mistake mam.
The teacher : I’m sorry Luluk, I cann’t do anything with you. I cann’t give you tolerance.
Follow me at headmaster room !!!!
The teacher to report her mistake to headmaster.
The teacher : Excuse me sir….
Sorry sir, I disturb your activity…
Headmaster : No problem Mrs. Florence..
 What happen Mrs. Florence?
The teacher : I want to report her mistake, sir…
She have bring a cigarette at school. And I caught her smooking at toilet. So, I cann’t give her tolerance. I hope Mr. Lexus can give her attention or punishment that to match with her mistake.

Luluk : Please forgive me, sir. I disappointed with my mistake.
Headmaster : Because I and Mrs. Florence cann’t give you tolerance. So, I give you punishment two months off at the class. And I will give you attention letter for your parents  to meet me and Mrs. Florence.
The teacher and headmaster : We hope you don’t try again your mistake.
Luluk : Okay sir, mam. I’m sorry,  I will try become a good student and not used cigarette.
The End
Elvizha M.A (01) as the teacher
Luluk Fauziah (21) as student

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