Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 14

Thema: Teacher and Student
(The teacher caught him/her smoking in the class and gets punishment two month off the class).

Anisa is a heavy smoker. When lessons guidance counseling, she was smoking. When Mrs. Rosa go to class, did Mrs. Rosa know that the smell of cigarette smoke. He finally caught and punished.

Theacher   : Good afternoon student?
All student : Good afternoon Miss.
Teacher     : Why in this room smell cigaratte smoke?
Anisa       : I don’t Miss!
Teacher     : Hhhmmmm….. I think in this room are people smoke!
Anisa       : I don’t think so with you Miss Rosa.
Teacher     : Why just you answer my question? Why them silent!
Anisa       : I didn’t do anything Miss!
Teacher     : I will suspicion to you. I will investigation your bag Nisa!
Anisa       : No Miss. For what? You don’t believe with me?
Teacher     : No Anisa! Now, open your bag!
Anisa       : No Miss…….
Teacher     : Look! What is it?
Anisa              : Hhhmmmmm……..
Teacher     : Why you silent? Now, answer my question Anisa!
Anisa       : This not mine Miss Rosa…
Teacher     : Cigarette in your bag! So, it mine you.
Anisa       : What the punish for me?
Teacher     : For two month you should no follow my lesson in this class. You understand with my mine!

Anisa       : I understand Miss. But I’m so sorry about my mistake. I promise to you, I can’t repeat again. 

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