Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 2

                                                            Big Girls Don’t Cry
Dien          :   Hey vira, I am so sad vira.
Vira          :  Why do you looks so sad ? please tell me about your problem ?
Dien         :   yeah vira my boy friends hurt my heart. Actually, he have a special reliationship with my best friend. I am so sad vira. Its killing me so.
Vira          :    Don’t be sad dien. I also have a same experience  with you
 Dien        :    Oh really ? if you want to tell me about your problem. I will hear you and maybe can solve our problem.
Vira          :    oke I will tell you about my problem.
                     Three days ago I am broken heart. My boy friend also have a special  reliationship with my best friend. Actually I love him very much  and i want to live with him. Everything I do for him. But when he say we should  better than separated. I don’t believe.It’s so sick for  me.  
  Dien       :    You must forget him. Try to do it.
Vira          :    I dont know dien, i love him but he dont love me anymore. He looks so good and nice boy in front of me. But, he makes me cry and cry again. I’m very shock and don’t know what to do.
Dien         :   I also cry when he leave me alone. But, i think  he is not my level. And love not just for me and him, Many boys better than him. I am big girls dont cry.  You should think like me vira.
Vira          ;    Yeah dien i know,but i think its so hard for me.
Dien         :    Start from yourself vira. You must  think about everything you like. For example is thinks about yoor hobbies, hang out with your friends and etc.
Vira          :    Oke dien.,I will try but I still wishing that  he would come back to me.
Dien         :    Vira, open your eyes, your heart and your mind ! In my opinion I will find new boy friends because remember him its not important for me. Its waste my time .  He have been hurt of my heart. Actually he don’t love me. I want to forget my ex boyfriends and have a new life. New life and new hope.
Vira          :    Oke dien . I don’t know maybe because i have been third years with him. In  my head record about our sweet memory. How do I live without him? How do I ever ? How do I ever survive? This love is deepest  in my heart. I don’t know about this feeling .its so complicated.
Dien         :    Vira, life just for fun and not just for love. Love will find you if you try. I think if he come back to you, this situation is very different. Because I don’t want to make the same of mistake. For me its better than separated. I am grateful  because  god publish to me about my ex boyfriend and  he is not the best for me. In this time all I know.
Vira          :    Yeah, I know. God give me needed but sometimes and not give our wished.
Dien         :    yes, good !! do something for yourself.
Vira          :    I must be strong. I think if I will wait for him . Its so stupied. I want to change my live. I don't care babe who's right or wrong .I just don't love him no more. Maybe with eat chocolate and ice cream .
Dien         :    Hmmf..,  I love chocolate. What about go to the dapur chocolate. Its near from here. You can find all about chocolate.
Vira          :    Yeah dien thaks for your solution. But I want to banana split in Zangrandi. Its so yummy. Combination bananas, ice cream, nuts and almont make you feel happy.
Dien         :    Ok vira,. Lets go!

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