Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 3

Tema   : A teacher and A student (the student is being called by his teacher because of her/his bad marks.)

            In the one of school, to be exact in SMA Ta’miriyah, in class XII Ipa 2, there are a student. Her name is venny. She is very naughty, lazy, and like quarrel. Venny has a leader class. Her name is Mrs. Sasha.

            One day, Mrs. Sasha calling venny to talk venny’s problem about her mark which always slip down and bad.

Mrs. Sasha       : Venny, come here !
Venny             : Yes ma’am. What’s wrong ?
Mrs. Sasha       : I want to talk to you about your mark which every day, always slip down
Venny             : Is that true, ma’am ? i always studies every day very serious ma’am. . 
Mrs. Sasha       : Study ? how many times ?
Venny             : 4 hours
Mrs. Sasha       : 4 hours ? Yes,  3 hours to play and 1 hours to sleep. So you have not time to study.
Venny             : I am really study ma’am
Mrs. Sasha       : You’re very naughty and you like lying. .
Venny             : Yes ma’am, i am sorry, i was lied.
Mrs. Sasha       : Yes, for now i will forgivr you. But i will give you a lesson.
Venny             : What kind of punishment you’ll give me ma’am ?
Mrs. Sasha       : I will give you a punishment, you must make biologi report, chapter 3 until 5 along 3 days. And you must clean the white board in 2 weeks.

Venny             : Is that not too hard to give to me ?
Mrs. Sasha       : No, because that is suitable with the school rule.
Venny             : Okay, i will try to do it very well.
Mrs. Sasha       : I give you a suggestion, you should study hard from now. Before, you late, and don’t forget praying.
Venny             : Yes ma’am, i will remember your message. And i am sorry bocause i was lied to you
Mrs. Sasha       : Yes, it’s alright. Come on ! Back to your classroom and following the lesson very well.
Venny             : Yes ma’am. thank you very much. . i’ll leaving. Assalammuallaikum.

Mrs. Sasha       : Walaikumsalam. 

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