Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4

A teacher and A student

In a ta’miriyah high school , to be exact in class 12 ipa 3 , there are a student. Her name is Kurnia . She is truant, naughty and like to lies. One day , when she  was absent a long one week without explisit statement, Mr.Yuski called her . Mr.Yuski is counseling teacher.

Mr.Yuski : Does Kurnia absent ?
Kurnia     : Yes,sir. I’m Kurnia.
Mr.Yuski : Follow me go to counseling room.
Kurnia     : Yes,sir. I’m going there.
                In counseling room.
Kurnia     : Why you call me here,sir ?
Mr.Yuski : I want to ask someting to you
Kurnia     : What is it, sir ?
Mr.Yuski : Where did you go a long one week ? Why you didn’t go to       school ?
Kurnia     : oh .... I had family agenda yesterday, sir.
Mr.Yuski : But, why you didn’t give me knouw to ask permission to absent.
Kurnia     : I’m sorry sir. I was forgot. I hadn’t any time to give you know.
Mr.Yuski : Are you not lie ? Are you sure it ?
Kurnia     : Yes, sir. I’m not lie.
Mr.Yuski : Is that true what you say ? Yesterday, i was called to your parents,they said, if you were went to school.
Kurnia     : I’m sorry sir. I’m lie. I’m sorry.
Mr.Yuski : That’s infraction. And i must give you a punishment to give you a lesson. So that, you will not repeat your deed anymore.
Kurnia     : Yes sir, i will receive the punishment to make me change.
Mr.Yuski : Hmm... Please clean the classroom a long one week.
Kurnia     : Yes sir. But don’t you give know my parents if you give me punishment.
Mr.Yuski : But you must do this punishment very well. If you don’t do it very well, i will give know your parents.
Kurnia     : Yes sir. Thank you so much. I will back to my classroom to follow the lesson, so that i’m not less the lesson too far.
Mr.Yuski : Ok,go now. Remember! Don’t you repeat your deed anymore!
Kurnia     : Yes sir, i’m sorry. And thank you, sir.

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