Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 5

(They try to solve the problem. Because of their parents disvorccess)

In the city. There a family, there mother, father and two people children confused problem economy. Father don’t have a job and mother is very wasteful. And two people children are needed school fees and Luition University. Because the problem limited. Their parents argue every day and until they think about disvorccess and two sister confused about your family problem. With a conversation they try to solve family problems.
The afternoon, Eva shut down in the living room which is being confused with the situation a full house with his parents argue said “ How this is ? “,” I’m very confused and curious. What happen ?”
And some minutes again, Anis come to from lecture university, greet.
Anis     :  Hey ... why is you ?
 what you have the  problem?.
Eva      : Hey sister ... (answer with a sad face, anxious and confused)
Anis     : Why ?.
Eva      : Do you know ?.
             Our parents last week argue and than a disvorccess.
Anis     : Yes, I do.
Eva      : My sister,  do you know about the problem ?.
Anis     : Never mind about the problem ! (try to change the subject).
Eva      : I can’t live in my house with this situation.
Anis     : Isn’t your bussiness, you must be study hard.
Eva      : But why, i want to know about the problem.
Anis     : ouwh... it’s ok!
               I want to tell you about this problem.
Eva      : Ok!
Anis     : Our parents argue until about economy factor do you know if mother very extravagant. And than father doesn’t have a job until now. We are a poor family just to eat chicken we can’t. There for pay our school. We don’t have money.
Eva      : oh May God ! it’s critical point ?
Anis     : May be...
Eva      : What should we do .. ???
              I want to help my mother. What about the work? I don’t want my parents disvorccess.
Anis     : Now, you must be study hard and don’t be work to find the money.
Eva      : I don’t know. What should we do ?
Anis     : I also don’t want to my parent disvorccess if we must to be work. I will be work for my parents. We just want to pray to God and hope the best for us.
Eva      : Ok.. !!!! thank you.. good bless for our family.

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