Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 7


Scold Disciplies Because One Week skipped school

Nita is a very naughty student, one day he skipped school for a week. Miss Endang, always punish students if there are students who have many reasons to play hooky and argue until the student was cornered and still on the wrong position.

Miss Endang   : "Nita, you are naughty! why one of this week you skip school? "

Nita                 : "No miss… I do not truant, this week my sister was sick so I have to keep my sister because my parents work miss ..."

Miss Endang   : "Eh! You don’t lie to me ... .. see one this week I saw your sister in good health .. "

Nita                 : "No miss, I don’t lie ..
My sister was really sick ..

Miss Endang   : “Anyway if you're sister sick, why did your parents don’t send a letter of permission don’t attend school?”

Nita                 : “Ehm.. like this miss...”

Miss Endang   :  “So how? that you really hooky one week huh?”

Nita                 : “No miss… No….”

Miss Endang   : “Hold what?
already, do a lot of reasons you ..
now, I punish you  clean the classroom and write so as not to play truant again as much as hundredfold. that sentence because you skipped school for a week ..”

Nita                 : “Do not miss .. don’t punish me… ..
I promise not to skip school again ..”

Miss Endang   : “Hah .. now you confess if you skip school for a week ..”

Nita                 : “Ya miss, I confess that I truant one week..
                        Please miss. Don’t punish me..”

Miss                 : “Ahhh, quickly do your punishment ...
if you do not want to be given the punishment, do not skip school anymore..!! sorry for your parents, who already pay for your school ..”

Nita                 : “Ok miss, would I do the punishment of the mother ..
I will not repeat them miss, so my parents are not disappointed with me ..”

Miss                 : “Well, do not do anything truant again ....”

Nita                 : “Ok miss…..”

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