Dialog Bahasa Inggris 6

This dialogue tell about the teacher were caught their student did smoke.
            in the morning kamila had a call from BK room. She felt confused. She thing that she never make a problem. But she kept positive thingking. There is not about smoke.
Kamila (s)        : excuse me mam. Why you call me on your room?
Mentari (t)      : yes. You can sit down right there.
Kamila (s)        : I think, I didn’t make a mistakes mam.
Mentari (t)      : fine, if you don’t have a reason why I were call you ?
Kamila (s)        : I’m not understand what you mean.
Mentari (t)      : maybe you don’t make a mistakes. But I heard a report from another student that you are Smoke in this school.
Kamila (s)        : that’s impossible mam. I don’t do that.
Mentari(t)       : are you seriously.
Kamila (s)        : of course! Are you have a prove?
Mentari (t)      : yes, I had! That picture seen when you smoke in the behind school.
Kamila (s)        : I don’t believe that! Can you showing that picture to me. Please?
Mentari (t)      : of course!!!!
Kamila (s)        : oops… how ????
Mentari (t)      : don’t lying to me kamila. You had see the picture. You can’t ignored that fact!!
Kamila (s)        : I’m so sorry mam … I have ignored that fact.
Mentari (t)      : but why???
Kamila (s)        : because I’m afraid mam. You were change your opinion about me…
Mentari (t)      : why you doing that mistakes?
Kamila (s)        : because I have a big trouble in my family. My family was broken.
Mentari (t)      : oke. I’m understand you felt dispointed with your family. But I think you know    that’s Wrong!!! You know the rule in this school!!
Kamila (s)        : yes I know. Please don’t drop out me from this school.
Mentari (t)      : I’m proud you understand. But I must give you a punishment
Kamila (s)        : please apologize me. I will receive all my punishment
Mentari (t)      : oke! I gived you skors for two month.
Kamila (s)        : what??? Two month? Please considered your punishment mam.
Mentari (t)      : I can’t.
Kamila (s)        : please!! (with cry)
Mentari (t)      : forgive me!! I can’t doing anything for you. The headmaster was decided. And      this is aLetter for your parent
Kamila  (s)       : all right mam. I’m okey.
Mentari (t)      : I hope you enjoyed your punishment.
Kamila (s)        : thanks mam. For your support!!!
Mentari (t)      : don’t make a same mistakes again.!!
Kamila (s)        : yes, I promise

Mentari (t)      : ok. You cant go back now. 

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