Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 12

In the morning at a school found activities learns to teach. calm appear atmosphere at compassion second class ipa three, they follow prayer concentratedly,and than the teacher comes and begin lesson.

Teacher                     : Assalammualaikum wr.wb
Student                     : Waalaikum salam
Teacher                     : Good morning student.
Student                     : Good morning mom.
Teacher (masnur)  : How are you today?
Student (masnur)   :Iam fine thank you and you mom?
Teacher (masnur) : Iam very well.            
Okay, open the book please!
Today,I will to explain about asaz black theory.
Do you know about asaz black theory?
Student (masnur)   : No mom,I don’t know about that.
Teacher                     :Okay.Before i shall explain to bring in hand basis theory      black, you can read first of all at your book is yard one hundred twenty four.
Student (masnur)   :okay..
Teacher                     : basis matter black this matter to try out week in front of and you        must to study hard.
Student (masnur)’s very easy.
Teacher                     : Hey you!! What are  you doing?
Student(masnur)            : mom. Nothing, I don’t do anything
Teacher                            : pass to me your handphone that from your hand!!!
Student (masnur)           : No mom,no..
Teacher                            : Give me your handphone!!!
Student (masnur)           : no mom don’t take my handphone.
Teacher                            :pass to me,don’t make me angrier!!
Student (masnur)          : Okay,,
Teacher                           : I take this your handphone!!
Student (masnur)         :No mom,please!!!
                                       I’am sorry ,I shall not try again mom..
Teacher                        : Okay..
                                       I shall seize your handphone but,you must to promise wil not repeating it again.
Student (masnur)     : Okay mom,I’am promise,thank you so much…
Teacher                      : Okay student’s
                         lesson at will continue tommorow sat rest. don't forget to                        lear diligent so that value try out you can good
   Student (masnur)     : Okay mom..

Kelompok:  -Masnur Eka Fitria Putri (19) 12-a3

       -Galih Argo Puri              (5) 12-a3

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