Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris

Adam : Hai Icha
Icha     : Hai
Adam : I want to share something with you, may I ?
Icha     : Sure
Adam  : Err,, excatyl I have a problem with my Girlfriend
Icha     : Whats that ?
Adam : I guess she have another boyfriend
Icha     : What ?? How can that be ??
Adam  : I don’t know, I cant think it well, my mind isn’t clear yet
Icha      Oh man, poor you. How can she betrayed you, she might be fool of you
Adam : Haha, thanks. By the way, whats you think about my problem? I need your solve please
Icha     : Hemm,,, do you still love her ?
Adam : Yes, I am
Icha     : You should talk to her, everythink. Have you talk to her ?
Adam : Nope, im too afraid, I afraid if I ask her about this, she’s going made and dumped me
Icha     : Oh Man, you don’t have to afraid
Adam  : I know it, feels like im a weak man. But, I do love her
Icha     : Oh come on Adam, she didn’t need you, you should get attention with her
Adam  : Should I ?
Icha     : Yes, you should
Adam : But I
Icha     : Listen to me Adam, I have a same problem with you too exactly
Adam  : Really ?
Icha     : Yes, my boyfriend he dumped me just like that, like im nothing. I love him, truly love him but I don’t want he hurts me anymore, I hate when iam hurting. So I broke up with him, I have to do it, I know someday I’ll meet someone more better than him. You should try my way
Adam : So, is that you mean I have to break up with her ?
Icha     : Emm, not yet. You have talk to her first, than if you feel your relationship can’t stay for a longer time, break her up. That’s the best
Adam : oh, hemm yeah. You right, I love her, but I don’t want to being fool of her anymore
Icha     : That’s right buddy, we must getting strong
Adam  : Yes, thanks, I’ll try
Icha     : Goodluck Adam

Adam  : Ok, see ya 

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